SPV mobile phone

By launching SPV mobile phone, Orange has taken communication to the top gear. SPV mobile phone is the first mobile phone, which is empowered by Microsoft Smart phone 2002. Yes, this GPRS phone runs Microsoft Smart phone 2002 operating system. Its back up feature is truly enticing for mobile users.
The beauty of the SPV mobile phone is appealing too! With 480×220×1160mm dimensions and 130 g weight, such phones can be handled in one hand. The possibility of multimedia messaging is an added advantage of these phones. Even more, its digital camera can be connected via the SPV’s SD/MMC slot. A number of software is attached to SPV mobile phones. These are like, Pocket Outlook, Pocket Internet Explorer, Windows Media player, Pocket Slideshow etc. So, SPV users can easily grab the latest mobile technology with its stylish look.