Bathmate Hydro Pump Models

Over the years, 3 different series of products has evolved from continued research and the integration of improvements suggested by users.
Bathmate Hercules + Bathmate Goliath
The oldest series yet still a popular choice among those looking for results at a lower price. Though they may lack the bells and whistles of later models, they’re still very popular and continue to be a best seller.
Hydromax X20 + Hydromax X30 + Hydromax X40
This second generation Bathmate Hydromax Pump series takes a big step forward in making the original line better. A 35% increase in suction power for faster gains, combined with an improved valve mechanism, a superior comfort pad, and a freely rotating chamber (for better viewing of the measuring scale) are the most noticeable upgrades.
Though very similar to the previous Hydromax line, the inclusion of a hand held squeeze pump to control pressure is the biggest difference. It gives the user more precise control when trying to attain and maintain optimal pressure inside the cylinder. The Xtreme series are the most advanced models for those who want maximum gains faster.
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